Free Get-Fit Workout Series

Exclusive DailyMuscle Transformation Challenge Home Workout Series with Noel Chelliah

I designed these workouts to be equipment-free and easy to follow even for first timers and those new to exercise. There are also options for those who are more advanced. These workouts are great for fat-burning, toning up, getting lean and increasing overall strength and conditioning.” ~ Noel Chelliah, DailyMuscle Founder

A series of 20 workouts to help you reach your peak physical performance specifically designed to target not only specific muscle groups, but provide full body, cardio, and strength training. A perfect combination for those just getting started, or for those more advanced, to get some ideas to spice up your current routine.

1: Body Kick Start

2. Upper Body & Core

3: Total Body & Core

4: Total Body & Core II

5: Total Body & Core III

6: Total Body Reps

7: Total Body Reps

8: Total Body Reps

9: Upper Body & Core

10: Lower Body & Core

11: Total Body Cardio

12: Lower Body Blast

13: Total Body

14: Total Body Cardio

15: Total Body Strength

16: Total Body

17: Fabulous 5 Circuit

18: Total Body Blast

19: Lower Body Circuit

20: Total Body Circuit