Intermittent Fasting

Who is up to TURBO BOOSTING your results?

Commit to doing a week of 16/8 intermittent fasting and if you love what you feel and see…continue on.

Here is the plan; 16 hours of no eating (your sleep time is during this time) followed by 8 hours or eating. Within the 8 hours, get in all of your nutrient dense calories (shakes/meals, etc).

For example;
Sunday 8PM – Monday 12PM: Fasting
Monday 12pm – 8PM: Eat all of your meals

Choose the 16 hour / 8 hour split that is best for your schedule. Yes, you may still do your Cleanse Days if you wish. Cleanse Days are basically a longer intermittent fast, incorporating the standard recommended schedule using Cleanse for Life, snacks, etc.

Why intermittent fasting? (Includes Cleanse Days)

– Fasting decreases your insulin levels.
– The secretion of growth hormone increases when you fast which is a good thing since that growth hormone is a fat burning hormone.
– No, your metabolism will not slow down. And you will not enter into starvation mode if you fast.
– No, you will not lose muscle…you lose fat

This works so well with the IsaLifestyle, as the key is eating nutrient dense foods – like the IsaLean Shakes!

***This is a trial for those interested to do more intermittent fasting. This may not be for you or it may be. Only you will know by trying it. Mindset matters so if you feel good about doing this, go for it!

What about workouts? You have options: (Yes, you may have your e+ shot!)

1) Schedule your fasting to end after your work-out and have an IsaLean shake or IsaPro.
2) Continue fasting a couple hours after your work-out (growth hormone is elevated to burn more fat).
3) Work-out during your eating time.

There is not one answer for everyone. Try what sounds best to you! Studies support all three options. The most important thing is to listen to your body and track your results.